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Everton De Azumbuja Silva        

                                        Emirates Airbus A380 First Officer



                                        Fmr: Jetstar Pacific A320 First Officer


My initial course with PATS was in 2012 and involved preparing me for the SHL aptitude test battery for the Qantas group. The course was very well run, comprehensive, detailed and thorough. Jonathan Ryan from PATS also provide expert advice & guidance on how to convert my Brazilian ATPL to an Australian ATPL, a complex process with all advice spot on. The extensive industry contacts that PATS has assisted me greatly in obtaining employment with Jetstar Pacific & the training enabled me to pass the SHL aptitude test. Again when I applied to Emirates I did additional training with PATS to prepare me for another selection/testing process & the training I received was first class & was a primary reason for gaining a strong pass at the Compass test. I have met many people at both Jetstar & Emirates who did prep training with PATS – all speak very highly of this course that assisted them pass selection





I became aware of PATS when I worked at Oxford flying schools one of the largest flying schools in the country which trains airline cadets from around the world. Many of the cadets destined for Singapore Airlines, Tiger Air (Singapore) and also those from Hong Kong (destined for Dragon) told me they had done a PATS course either in Melbourne or Asia. All told me they believed it was excellent preparation for selection testing, as did a large proportion of the Australian cadets going to Jetstar Australia. I did the course myself it was fantastic and it was a significant factor with me gaining employment with Cathay Pacific (which I accepted) as well as a place in the Jetstar Advanced Cadetship (received offer after I had commenced with CX)


Darron Hurley   Owner of Moorabbin Aviation Services

      Chief Pilot / Chief Flying Instructor / Authorised Test Officer

        Over 1000 First Officer time in Airbus A320 & Boeing 727

Principal King Air High Performance Flying Instructor - Major Chinese Airlines


I have known of this company for over ten years and currently own a medium sized flying school at Moorabbin(since 2000). Over the years I have known many people from around the Moorabbin community that have undertaken a PATS course and then successfully gained employment with the Qantas group or one the cadetships such as Cathay. Also I know at least 20 people who have gained a place with the RAAF or Army or Navy as a pilot – many of these people have done a few hours flying with us before flight screening. All these people have said very good things about PATS courses and their instructor Jonathan Ryan who has an excellent reputation within the aviation industry, as well as extensive contacts at the airlines. Currently I run high performance training – 30 hours in a King Air for major Chinese airlines in Melbourne



Mark Cauchi                                Victorian CFA Career Firefighter



After working as a dairy farmer for a number of years I knew I would need assistance getting through the CFA aptitude test. I attended a PATS course in Melbourne with Jonathan Ryan, who was patient, highly skilled and just extremely helpful over the four day course I attended. Subsequently I passed the test strongly, and I would have given myself no chance without this course. Over the last few years I have met dozens of fire fighters in both the CFA & MFB who when the topic of selection comes up they state quite candidly – they did a course with PATS and that is why they passed.


 Tony Hicks - an Update - RAAF Pilot Specific Test

Captain - Boeing 787 - Jetstar

Former Cathay Pacific A330/A340 Captain

Former Singapore Airlines Learjet 45 Instructor Pilot

Aircraft Flown: Airbus A330 , Airbus A340 , Boeing 747, Learjet 45


After attending the course I then sent my Son to Jonathan Ryan from PATS for training. My Son at the time was one year out of school and could be described as a "battler" academically. After his training with Jonathan Ryan he passed both the YOU Session and the Additional Testing Day and is now an F-18 Hornet pilot in the RAAF. Without the PATS course I think it would have been a challenge. Over the last ten years with Jetstar I have met scores of Jetstar pilots who did the PATS course with Jonathan Ryan and credit this for passing the selection exams. Almost all the young guys who came through the Jetstar Cadetship that I have flown with told me they used this course to prep.




Media Publicity about PATS

On the right is an interview that the PATS former CEO Jonathan Ryan completed in 2007 for The Melbourne Age.

PATS is regularly asked to provide advice to both public and private institutions regarding aptitude and ability tests particularly in terms of advising on the most appropriate tests to use for a selection process.

We are also invited on a regular basis to provide speakers to both the University and Secondary sectors to advise students on how to best prepare for aptitude testing.

Increasingly we have been providing speakers to secondary school information nights and we can speak on a variety of topics including careers in Aviation and the Australian Defence Force.

We have particular expertise in advising secondary students on applying for the Australian Defence Force - in particular getting the optimum timing of ADF selection testing with your Year 11 and Year 12 academic commitments.




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