Below is a very small sample of past course attendees who have achieved success. We have been established for 15 years and had an office in the Melbourne CBD for 12 years. 


Over the past 15 years we have gotten hundreds of Australians through aptitude tests and interviews to become fire fighters , military pilots and airline pilots

If you have any concerns or worries about the quality of our training courses ,please be entirely open and candid with us. We are more than happy to provide you with the names (& contact details) of 20 people who have done our course & already achieved the ambition you seek


Brad Mackay - Captain(fmr) Australian Rugby League Team

                                    "The Wallabies" 

                      - 250 First Grade ARL games

                      - 17 times selected to represent NSW

                       - Current Serving NSWFRS 




Steve Venville - Victorian CFA Career Fire Fighter






Mark Cauchi - Victorian CFA Career Fire Fighter


Congratulations Mark

Mark was a dairy farmer from Western Ausrralia and he did our firefighter prep course in December 2012. He was employed by Victorian CFA in September 2011. It was a very smooth and rapid pathway from aptitude test to recruit course







 Congratulations to the Two Essendon players Courtney Johns and Tayte Pears who we assisted achieve strong passes in the tough MFB Aptitude test 


Courtney Johns above getting his "Welcome to Station" as he joins the MFB

His former AFL teamate Tayte Pears below , who now wears the MFB Uniform



Louis Thermos who joined the MFB at the last recruitment during 2016 , all our students from this year won a place with the MFB

Pictured at his MFB graduation



Happy Days also for Brad Thompson at his MFB graduation day



Please note , these are just a very small sample of the 100s of people we have assisted get through the fire aptitude test and interview