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Aptitude (psychometric) testing is now a mandatory component of employment assessment for professionals in both the government and private sectors.

A typical recruitment aptitude test includes:

·         Numerical reasoning test

·         Verbal reasoning test

·         Abstract reasoning test

Major Australian test providers include:

·         Onetest

·         SHL

·         Previsor

·         ACER

·         Testgrid


Specialist preparation is required to pass these types of tests as they are quite different to anything you would have experienced before. In particular, if you have a non-mathematical background you will most likely need considerable training to be able to handle the numerical aspects of the tests.

Aptitude tests can be prepared and studied for just like any other university, school, or professional level exam – in fact the performance and success of our clients demonstrates that it’s possible to significantly increase your test score.

98% of our clients pass their aptitude tests

Some other factors to consider:

·         Leading employers require higher scores

·         Most professional job seekers under-prepare for aptitude tests

·         Test results are "frozen" for a year, which means you cannot re-sit the test for 12 months.


PATS specialises in preparing people to increase their scores in aptitude and psychometric testings, commonly used in the professional and graduate employment market.

We utilise over 500 sample questions (verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning practice tests) as part of our face-to-face training and give you extensive take home materials to consolidate your learnings.

Our training programs have also proven to be highly beneficial for those from a non-English speaking background.


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