Some recent graduate recruitment figures:

·         Graduate programs received on average 36 applications per single vacancy

·         1 in 4 university graduates could not find a job within 4 months

·         A 12% unemployment rate among graduates

·         Some professional services firms have reportedly reduced or deferred graduate student intakes

·         Graduate positions will be reduced by 30%

·         1 in 3 graduates will not be able to find a job.

Why are we telling you this? To emphasise that in the current climate, you’ll need to do everything you can to stand out and achieve a higher than average aptitude test score.

PATS aims to train you to a level of performance where you score in the top 5% of applicants.


As a member of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) we can fully prepare you with practice aptitude tests that reflect those used in the graduate employment selection process. Our comprehensive computer based training materials include a full range of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions and several sets of mock exams.


Most graduate recruitment companies use one of the following tests:

·         Onetest

·         SHL

·         Previsor

·         ACER

·         Testgrid

We already know the ins and outs of the different test types utilised by each employer. Our aptitude test training course will save you hours searching the internet for prep materials that may or may not be relevant to your test.

24 hours to complete the online aptitude test

After you’ve submitted an initial online job application and the prospective employer indicates they would like you to continue further, you could be sent a link to an online aptitude test to be completed within 24 hours!

This is where the majority of candidates fail, as they simply haven’t had enough time to prepare. By contacting PATS before you start applying for jobs, you’re already ahead of the pack.


In theory test scores should be frozen for a fixed period of time, as prospective employers can access your previous aptitude test scores. Whether or not these employers do look up previous scores isn’t always guaranteed, but you are best to work on the basis that you may only have one attempt in a 12 month period.



We all know the importance of a professional-looking CV and cover letter in the job hunting process. So we provide all our clients with a CV and cover letter review and edit – for free. We will also assist you with the written answers to the open questions that may be a part of your application.

Our professional training instructors have been working in HR and training fields for over ten years:

·         We know what employers are looking for

·         We know how to write a persuasive cover letter

·         We will help you construct a resume that gives you the best opportunity to proceed to the next stage.


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