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Minimum requirement:

Since 2008, emergency ambulance services in Victoria have been provided by a single group known as Ambulance Victoria. It was formed from the three previous providers of emergency ambulance services: the Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS), Rural Ambulance Victoria (RAV) and Alexandra District Ambulance Service (ADAS).


This program is designed for students who want to join Ambulance Victoria by completing a double degree in paramedic and nursing:

·         Monash University - Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic)

·         Australian Catholic University - Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Paramedicine

·         Charles Sturt University - Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic).

Successful applicants will complete both nursing and paramedic graduate programs in 18 months. After this time you will be offered a full-time job with Ambulance Victoria, or continue in a nursing capacity elsewhere.


You will need to sit two assessments online:

·         Numerical reasoning test

·         Verbal reasoning test

There is a standard benchmark for both tests and a higher score will increase your overall ranking significantly.


PATS are experts in preparing you to pass Ambulance Victoria’s selection and ability tests. Utilising our comprehensive range of paramedic verbal and numerical reasoning tests, we will help to increase your test score by 40% to 60%.


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Minimum requirements:

·         Australian Citizens, NZ Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or holders of a full unrestricted Working Rights Visa

·         Hold a full Victorian driver’s licence OR a probationary licence where you’ve held a P2 licence for at least one year

·         Hold a recognised paramedic studies degree or have suitable experience.


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