Paramedic Officer Overview

St John Ambulance Service Western Australia

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A Paramedic is a highly rewarding and respected profession. It is also a progressive career that offers great benefits and advancement opportunities:

·         Starting base salary of approximately $50K p.a.

·         Qualified paramedics can earn up to $120K p.a.

·         Around six to eight weeks annual leave

·         Shift penalty rates and superannuation paid in addition to base salary

·         Reimbursement of health club memberships

·         Free ambulance service for you and/ or dependents or family members.



PATS are experts in preparing you for the Paramedic selection and ability tests. The training materials we use include the full range of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions and several sets of mock exams.

We have been running prep courses for people applying to all Australian Ambulance Services for many years now and have a strong track record of increasing our candidates' aptitude test scores by 40% to 65%.


Ambulance Service of NSW

Queensland Ambulance Service


Ambulance Victoria


WA Ambulance


SA Ambulance



The following is a list of registered university paramedic courses in Australia and New Zealand.

These paramedic courses are generally three-year degree courses and teach you the fundamentals of medical training including anatomy, biology and physiology.


Most paramedic positions require applicants to possess a Paramedic Degree and hold a full Driver's Licence. Therefore, Year 12 graduates cannot apply for paramedic positions immediately.

The best paramedic career path for Year 12 graduates is to do a paramedic course in one of the above universities, obtain a driver's licence as early as possible, and then apply for a paramedic career.