Ambulance Service of NSW

St John Ambulance Service Western Australia

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The Ambulance Service of NSW is the third largest ambulance service in the world. It responds to a call for assistance every 28 seconds on average and employs over 4000 staff including around 2500 paramedics.


·         University graduate with a paramedic degree

·         Manual driver’s licence

·         Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible to work in Australia.


Graduate Entry

Applicants who have completed a paramedic degree can apply to enter through the Graduate Internship Program.

Find out more about Graduate Paramedics Positions


Vocational Entry

People with related work experience can be fast-tracked to become qualified paramedics after a few months of training. 

Find out more about positions requiring no paramedic degree



The Ambulance Service of NSW's paramedic selection process is highly challenging and competitive. It can take up to four months to complete and there is a 12 month mandatory waiting period before you can re-sit, should you fail the first time.


PATS are experts in preparing you for the Ambulance Service of NSW‘s selection and ability tests. Utilising our comprehensive range of paramedic verbal and numerical reasoning tests, we will help to increase your test score by 40% to 60%.


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