ADF Overview

The Australian Defence Force offers world-class training and leadership opportunities and a chance to be involved in events on a global scale.


·         Get paid to study

·         Free medical and dental treatment

·         18% Superannuation compared to 9% in the civilian workforce

·         Subsidised food and accommodation (equivalent to approximately your salary x 1.4)

·         Overseas travel.



If you want to join the Navy, Army or Air Force in any position, the first step is to complete the Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) session. This test can be taken from Year 11 onwards. If you pass the YOU Session Test, you’ll then be invited to complete an Assessment Day.

If you’re applying for a pilot position, you’ll also need to sit the Pilot Specific Test.

You will also have to pass an Officer Selection Board if applying for entry as an Officer and all applicants must also pass a fitness test.


PATS are experts in preparing candidates for the YOU Session and Pilot Specific Test. We have been running our ADF prep courses for over 10 years and the training materials we use include a comprehensive range of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions, as well as several sets of mock exams.

Since 2007, the rate of passing the You Session test and Pilot Specific test among our clients has been above 98%.


After passing the YOU Session test, you will be invited to an Assessment Day consisting of a psychological interview, a medical assessment and a formal defence interview. We will also give you some general advice to help you prepare for these.

An important aspect of the defence interview will be a demonstration of your genuine motivation to join the ADF. The interviewing panel will also be interested in your academic results and any leadership experience.

Here are some ways to demonstrate your motivation:

·         Join the ADF cadets if you’re still at school

·         Research websites on the ADF and the individual services (Navy, Army and Air Force)

·         Subscribe to the official fortnightly Navy, Army or Air Force newspaper

·         Read magazines like Military Contact and Australian Aviation (for Air Force applicants) regularly

·         Attend an Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) or other ADF Open Day

·         Arrange a visit to a service base.


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