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AirServices Australia 2020 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) Exam

·       Test Deadline March 20th 2020

·       We can assist you either with face to face tuition or via our online distance training package.

·       We have been preparing people for Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter selection exam, aptitude test for many years now. Over last five years all have passed

·       The Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) exam , aptitude test , psychometric test is an SHL/CEB exam , aptitude test , psychometric test

·       We have been been preparing candidates for SHL/CEB exams , aptitude tests psychometric tests for 15 years , very significant expertise

·       The pass rate we have achieved for AirServices Australia ARFF exam, aptitude test has been 100% over the last five years

·       There is still time to thoroughly prepare for the Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter aptitude test , selection exam , but you need to contact us today

·       We are available 7 days a week up until 8 PM

·       Guaranteed pass or 100% refund

QFES Applications Open on Monday September the 9th 2019

1.     Get thoroughly prepared for the QFES aptitude test / entry exam by attending our two day course in Melbourne

2.     During 2018 , all of our clients achieved a top 5% pass for the QFES entry exam , the Pearson VUE aptitude test

3.     QFES will again be using the Pearson VUE aptitude test for this round of selection , for the 2020 QFES entry exam

4.     Don’t take a chance with the QFES aptitude test , you will need a score in top 5% to be competitive

5.     PATS is the only organisation in Australian which has over 5 year’s experience of preparing people for the Pearson VUE aptitude test , Pearson VUE entry exam

6.     The only way to prepare for this selection properly is to do our course , which is two full days of intensive coaching at our Melbourne CBD office

7.     We have an extensive list of former clients, which we can provide you with who have all enjoyed fantastic success passing the QFES aptitude test – Pearson VUE

MFB opens recruitment at Midday on February the 8th 2019 – ACER Vocational Selection Test - VST


·       Two test dates (Feb 24th and April 9th), this year 7200 test “places”, so everyone will get a chance

·       ACER vocational selection test (VST) is the MFB selection exam

·       Our pass rate over the past decade for our clients at the ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) is 98 %

·       Typically, our clients improve their test score by at least 50%

·       Our real expertise is with the Maths & Verbal components of the ACER Vocational Selection Test

·       We will get you 80% plus in mechanical & diagrammatic no problems

·       Please look at our new testimonial page – we have gotten 100s of guys/girls into the MFB, FRNSW, Victorian CFA, QFES, DFES (WA)

·       The MFB ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) is a very demanding aptitude test – there is no easy way to prepare. The simple reality is that nobody has the expertise that we have.

·       Please contact us immediately places are limited

Expert tuition for NSWFRS Selection test , NSWFRS exam ,

Revelian test prep  , Revelian practice tests

Guaranteed Pass at all Revelian online tests or a full refund, distance and online training program


Qantas Second Officer May 2018

We are based in Melbourne but can do courses via distance / online PATS have fifteen years experience in selection test training and our courses cover ALL aspects of the aptitude testing process.


A typical course day runs from 9-5. We start with an extensive rundown on best practice techniques for solving test questions.  Then we get you to work through those methods using computer based training tutorials. We take you through your results and give you detailed feedback on where and how to improve. Then we repeat the process – it’s all about getting the information to sink in and making you comfortable with the methods we’ve taught you. You’ll be genuinely surprised by how quickly you improve through the day.

We also give you extensive take home practice materials, to help you consolidate what you’ve learned during the day


The PATS difference:




Whilst you can search online and find a number of aptitude preparation courses, most of these are just a collection of online test papers. And it’s almost impossible to find out which materials are relevant and helpful without some guidance.

Our one client-one instructor teaching approach ensures that you develop a deep understanding of the techniques required to tackle test questions. PLUS you get to practice for the interview and group exercises you’ll most likely need to complete as part of your job test.




Over the many years we’ve been working in aptitude test training, we’ve established a strong reputation within the related professional fields. Of the most recent intakes to the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade and the Jetstar Cadet Pilot Program, at least 20% of the trainees had attended our course.




All of our instructors hold Master’s degrees in related disciplines. They are well experienced, with a thorough understanding of the testing processes utilised by your prospective employers.





Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, our training centre is conveniently located and easily accessed by all modes of public transport. The centre is made up of individual training rooms – complete with a desktop computer and training materials – to provide you with a quiet and comfortable learning environment. 





Our courses include, but are not limited to, preparation for the following types of commonly used selection tests:


·         Pilot Cadetship and Direct Entry Pilot selection (for the major airlines)

·         YOU Session and Pilot Specific tests (Australian Defence Force)

·         Firefighter selection tests for every state

·         Paramedic Officer selection tests  for every state

·         SHL tests and assessments

·         Onetest online ability tests

·         ACER psychometric tests


With PATS, you’re not restricted to preparing for just a single employer. You can customise your course to include different employers, according to what you've applied for. For example: