1.       How to book / pay a course

The details of our available individual course are listed on our Book & Pay page. If you would like to book one of these days please go to Contact Us and enter the dates you wish to attend.

 We’ll get back to you to confirm your chosen dates. After this a deposit of AUD$795 is required within 72 hours to hold your place, with the balance payable on the first day of training. You can also choose to pay the full course fee upfront and enjoy a discount of $500. More information is listed on the Book & Pay page.


2.       What are the start and finish times?

The course day begins at 9am and concludes at 5pm with a lunch break around midday and a short afternoon break.


3.       Where is your training office located?

All individual courses are conducted at our office in the Melbourne Central Business District - Suite 101, Number 546 Collins Street, Melbourne. Collins Street is Melbourne's principal business street. Around a five minute walk from Southern Cross Station.


4.       Is it really possible to improve your performance in an aptitude test?

Absolutely. Aptitude tests can be prepared and studied for just like any other university, school, or professional level exam, in fact the performance and success of our clients demonstrates that it’s possible to significantly increase your test score.


5.       By how much is it possible to improve your aptitude test performance?

The majority of our clients achieve around a 40 to 60% increase in their test scores – from when they first start training with us to the end of the course.


6.       When is the best time to do a prep course?

In all cases the best time to do our program is as soon as possible, after you decide on the industry or industries you want to apply for.


Our clients really benefit (and achieve even higher test scores) from continuing to practice the methods and techniques that we teach, after our course has finished. And for that you need time.


7.       Why do these courses cost more than a lot of online alternatives? Are discounts available?

Our courses are industry-leading, by a significant margin. Yes there are cheaper online alternatives, but you have no way of knowing if the content is actually relevant to the test you’ll be sitting and there are no instructors to guide you.


We provide you with intensive one-one-one tutoring from a highly qualified professional, first class training facilities and extensive take home materials. For these reasons we are unable to offer discounts on our courses.


8.       Do I get a copy of the course on disc to take home with me?

No, for legal reasons we can’t give out copies of our training course. But you do receive extensive take home practice materials that are yours to keep.


9.       I am interested in joining more than one industry. Can I do a combined prep course?

Yes. All of our courses are designed to suit your own needs, so we can happily provide a prep course for multiple employers. The course price remains the same. Give us a call to tell us what you need.


10.   I am a serving member of the ADF, is there any subsidy available?

In the past many ADF members have obtained funding of up to $1100 to attend one of our programs. We can advise you on how to apply for funding from the ADF –please emails us at for more details.


11.   What’s one of the most common misconceptions around aptitude tests?

The most common mistake people make is thinking they don’t really need to prepare. If you don’t walk into the testing room knowing that you are going to pass — then you are under-prepared. The major problem here is that failing an aptitude test can often result in a 12 month waiting period before you can re-sit, which can have major implications for your career.


12.   I’ve always been strong at sitting exams and I think I can pass without your course

We’ve certainly had clients who would have passed their aptitude test without attending our course. However many of these candidates have acknowledged to us that our program helped them achieve a higher score. A candidate scoring 38/40 for a test rather than 30/40 will achieve a higher overall candidate ranking and therefore better job prospects.


13.   How does the course actually work?

A typical course day runs from 9-5. We start with an extensive rundown on best practice techniques for solving test questions.  Then we get you to work through those methods using computer based training tutorials. We take you through your results and give you detailed feedback on where and how to improve. Then we repeat the process – it’s all about getting the information to sink in and making you comfortable with the methods we’ve taught you.


With some hard work from you (and us!) you’ll be genuinely surprised by how quickly you improve through the day.


14.   What do I need to bring to the course and is there a dress code?

You don’t need to bring anything – all materials and stationary are supplied. We are also happy to look at and evaluate any preparatory material that you may already have. There is no particular dress code although most clients wear neat casual or business casual.




Pilot Aptitude Training Systems is located at

546 Collins Street (the McPherson Building)

 Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.


Refer to the map on the Contact Us page.

If you’re attending our course from interstate we recommend arriving in Melbourne the day before the course commences. If you plan to depart Melbourne on the day you complete the course, we advise you to book a flight no earlier than 7pm to allow adequate time to get to the airport.


Collins Street is surrounded by accommodation options – from budget to boutique and everything in-between.

Hotels close to our training office

Victoria Hotel 215 Little Collins Street

City Centre Budget Hotel 22 Little Collins Street

Airport to City

Or the SkyBus departs every 10 minutes from Southern Cross Station, which is only 20 minutes from our training office. Tickets are $18 one way or $30 return. You might also be able to organise a hotel transfer service with SkyBus.