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As you likely know the MFB has commenced a new recruitment program in early 2016 with the supervised exam being held on March the 12th in Melbourne

PATS has significant expertise in preparing people to sit the ACER Vocational Selection Test , otherwise known as ACER VST . We have been preparing people for this test for years, many many of our students have joined the MFB , following a top 5% score at the ACER VST, Vocational Selection Test.

All of our training courses are conducted face to face , one client one instructor at our Melbourne CBD office.

The Melbourne Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) will increase the total number of firefighters from around 1700 to 1800 over the next three years. As 200 MFB firefighters are due to retire after 30 plus years’ service - MFB need to fill the gaps. This presents a once in a generation opportunity to join what is widely regarded as Australia's most professional and elite fire service.


PATS are experts in preparing applicants for the selection and ability tests for ALL Australian firefighter services. We have been running these prep courses for over 10 years and our clients enjoy an outstanding success rate. In the most recent intakes to the Melbourne MFB and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, at least 20% of the trainees had attended our course.

Find out when the next round of Melbourne MFB applications open.


The test lasts around 3.5 hours in total and is made up of the following sections:

The MFB aptitude test is highly challenging with an average failure rate of 85% and you must wait 12 months in-between attempts. We strongly recommend against attempting the test without intensive preparation.



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Below are real people with real names & people of credibility & good reputation

Our courses are not cheap & they are also hard work but we will get you through your aptitude test 



Paul Ritchie – 30-year MFB Veteran – Leading Fire Fighter

                          Australia Fire Service Medal

             (Pictured with FDNY Chief Jay Jonas aboard boat “343” in NYC )

I have known Jonathan Ryan for over ten years & it is my firm opinion that he runs excellent preparation courses to prepare candidates for the Pearson VUE exam used by QFES and also MFB/CFA. I have formed this view as over the years I have mentored a significant number of young men and women who aspired to join the MFB/CFA. And I know that all who did the training course with Jonathan Ryan went on to pass their MFB written selection exam. A number of these people had previously failed, but after this course & they say due to the real expertise of Jonathan managed to get through. I also know that Jonathan Ryan would give them extra days of training at no additional charge to get them up to standard. The fact that the Sons & Daughters of senior MFB officers all do this prep course should tell you something. This course is a must do, the career is fantastic and the best way to smash the test first time


Michael Skalij – Former Australian SAS Trooper

                          Multiple Combat Tours Overseas

                          Success at QFES recently

I trained with Jonathan Ryan of Pilot Aptitude Training Systems in Melbourne during 2019 to prepare for the QFES, Pearson VUE test. The training was detailed, thorough and delivered with a very high degree of skill and professionalism. Jonathan Ryan knew the Pearson VUE aptitude test backwards and could explain difficult concepts in simple language, and then do example after example after example. The teaching of the Math’s component of the Pearson VUE test was just beyond excellent. I also met a number of Defence Force applicants as they came & went – they all passed testing. He does make you work so you need to be prepared to go along with that & if you are you will get the result  


Brad Mackay - Captain(fmr) Australian Rugby League Team

                                    "The Wallabies" 

                      - 250 First Grade ARL games

                      - 17 times selected to represent NSW

                       - Current Serving FRNSW - 15 years servic



I became aware of Jonathan Ryan and PATS when we went down to help out the Vics in Coal Fires of 2014. I met a lot of younger MFB/CFA guys who told me they used this prep service and they felt it helped them immensely. I personally know several Sydney guys who used this prep service, and they told me without it they would have had Buckley’s. The courses are well ran and structured and I know this because I sat in on part of a Sydney course. I had many highly talented coaches during my professional sporting career; Jonathan Ryan is at the very least the equal to the best of them



Steve Venville – Victorian CFA Career Fire Fighter




PATS helped me achieve the high scores needed to start my dream career in the CFA as a career firefighter. The preparation material and tuition prepared me for the aptitude test and interviews and got through the process. Highly recommend this for anyone considering a career with CFA, MFB and other fire agencies



Mark Cauchi – Victorian CFA Career Fire Fighter



The PATS course I attended was excellent and it was just of invaluable assistance for my aptitude test preparation. I gained very healthy passes for both the MFB aptitude exam and also for the CFA aptitude test. I know of a large number of guys/girls now working for the MFB or CFA who have told me that without the training of PATS and Jonathan Ryan, they simply would not have passed