FRV Pearson VUE aptitude test

 Fire Update March 2023

·       Airservices Australia applications open now

·       FRV to open in April 2023

·       PATS has ten plus years with the Airservices Australia SHL aptitude test

·       PATS has ten plus years experience with the FRV Pearson VUE WST

·       100 % pass rate for last five years

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Our Expertise with the FRV Pearson VUE WST

We commenced training services 20 years ago and from the beginning were preparing and coaching people to pass Pearson VUE aptitude tests. Pearson VUE is an American company & their aptitude tests have been used in Australia for at least 3 decades. We have at least 15 years’ experience preparing people to sit Pearson VUE aptitude tests.

Since 2022 FRV have been using the Pearson VUE aptitude test to select their recruit fire fighters. Since at this time we had over a decade of experience at preparing candidates (other roles) for the Pearson VUE aptitude test; our FRV clients had a massive advantage when it came to the Pearson VUE aptitude test – all getting great scores

The FRV call the Pearson VUE aptitude test the WST – which is short for written selection test. The full name they (FRV) use is the Pearson VUE WST

We have phenomenal expertise with the FRV Fire Fighter selection tool, now solely the FRV Pearson VUE WST

All of our students achieve a score in the top 2% when they sit apply to be a FRV Fire Fighter recruit & sit the FRV Pearson VUE WST

This is life-changing stuff, as our clients are then ranked at the top of the Order of Merit 















AirServices Australia 2020 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) Exam

·       Test Deadline March 20th 2020

·       We can assist you either with face to face tuition or via our online distance training package.

·       We have been preparing people for Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter selection exam, aptitude test for many years now. Over last five years all have passed

·       The Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) exam , aptitude test , psychometric test is an SHL/CEB exam , aptitude test , psychometric test

·       We have been been preparing candidates for SHL/CEB exams , aptitude tests psychometric tests for 15 years , very significant expertise

·       The pass rate we have achieved for AirServices Australia ARFF exam, aptitude test has been 100% over the last five years

·       There is still time to thoroughly prepare for the Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter aptitude test , selection exam , but you need to contact us today

·       We are available 7 days a week up until 8 PM

·       Guaranteed pass or 100% refund


The Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) will be increasing total number of firefighter from around 1700 to around 1800 over the next three years. As 400 MFB firefighters are due to retire after 30 years plus service - MFB are looking to recruit 500 firefighters over the next three years. This presents a once in a generation opportunity to join what is widely regarded as Australia's most professional and elite fire service.



Following the release of the Bushfire Royal Commission report, the Victorian CFA will increase career fire fighter numbers by 40% over the next three years. The Victorian CFA presently has approximately 500 full time career fire fighters and will increase this number by 342 over the next three years.

Victorian CFA - application for 2013 intake will open in early January 2012 - aptitude testing for 2012 intake is in February 2012 - click here


Keep in mind that if you join the Victorian CFA as a career firefighter, you can still be a city fireman as there are 12 Melbourne suburban fire stations staffed by CFA career firefighters.

The Victorian CFA in fact has responsibility to provide professional firefighters to cover one third of the greater Melbourne area. 




MFB and CFA aptitude tests are highly challenging and failed around 80% applicants in the past. Candidates should avoid attempting the testing without preparation.

Remember the testing results will be 'frozen' for 12 months. That means you could not apply again within 12 months if you have failed the tests.  




With over five years of aptitude tests training experience, we know what it takes to assist people passing the tests. Our firefighter training program has a demonstrated record of increasing applicant scores by 50% last year. For MFB and CFA aptitude tests, we have kept a 100% pass rate in 2011.





We are more than happy to answer your questions through Contact Us. However, you are advised to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section first so that your queries can be solved as soon as possible.






David Jackson

Employer: Major Australian State Fire Service


"Before I did the PATS course, I failed the aptitude selection testing twice.The actual selection test was the ACER battery - verbal,numerical and mechanical - PATS knew this test battery like the back of their hand. I didn't prepare for the testing at the first time ‘cause I thought it gonna be pretty easy. Of course, it turned out to be the opposite when the test had a time limit. I learned the lesson and spent some time to study on my own for my second shot. However, I failed again.

Just before I gave up on this, I came across PATS and bang - it really worked. The training was packed in two days with many computer based materials about verbal, numerical and mechanical reasoning. Those bits and pieces materials that I found online before were just cannot compared with the well-structured PATS courses. It covers all the things you need to know in the real test. I wish I have done PATS training programme at the first place. If that, I would become a fire-fighter years ago."


James Brown

Employer: Major Australian Fire Service


"Like many people, I have dreamed about being a fire-fighter since I was young. I am strong and swift. But when it comes to sitting down and working out numbers, I lose my confidence. Fortunately, I heard many good things about PATS from a newly recruited fire-fighter who have taken PATS fire brigade course before.

Under his recommendation, I took the two day course in Melbourne and then found out the course was really helpful in term of preparing ACER aptitude test which was exactly what I was tested in the actual selection process. The course is an individual face-to-face training, therefore can be customized for people's personal needs. I would recommend this course to everyone who is dreaming about being a firefighter."