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Fire Update March 2023

·       Airservices Australia applications open now

·       FRV to open in April 2023

·       PATS has ten plus years with the Airservices Australia SHL aptitude test

·       PATS has ten plus years experience with the FRV Pearson VUE WST

·       100 % pass rate for last five years

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 ARMY FIRE FIGHTERThe Army Firefighter is a soldier in the Royal Australian Engineers that provides initial emergency response to the combat force.

Minimum Requirements:

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Annual Wage: 


The Air Force firefighter mustering is employed on duties within Air Force's emergency services structure. The firefighter's primary role is to provide Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting services.

Minimum Requirements:

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Annual Wage:




Below is a diagram which details the role of the YOU Session test in the ADF selection process.

All ADF applicants sit the YOU Session test.


PATS can fully prepare people for the YOU Session test. We have full range of comprehensive computer based training materials that will assist our clients to master the skills they need. This includes more than 500 verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions and a few mock exams as well. 

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