Fire Services Overview

AirServices Australia 2020 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) Exam

·       Test Deadline March 20th 2020

·       We can assist you either with face to face tuition or via our online distance training package.

·       We have been preparing people for Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter selection exam, aptitude test for many years now. Over last five years all have passed

·       The Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) exam , aptitude test , psychometric test is an SHL/CEB exam , aptitude test , psychometric test

·       We have been been preparing candidates for SHL/CEB exams , aptitude tests psychometric tests for 15 years , very significant expertise

·       The pass rate we have achieved for AirServices Australia ARFF exam, aptitude test has been 100% over the last five years

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QFES Applications Open on Monday September the 9th 2019


1.     Get thoroughly prepared for the QFES aptitude test / entry exam by attending our two day course in Melbourne

2.     During 2018 , all of our clients achieved a top 5% pass for the QFES entry exam , the Pearson VUE aptitude test

3.     QFES will again be using the Pearson VUE aptitude test for this round of selection , for the 2020 QFES entry exam

4.     Don’t take a chance with the QFES aptitude test , you will need a score in top 5% to be competitive

5.     PATS is the only organisation in Australian which has over 5 year’s experience of preparing people for the Pearson VUE aptitude test , Pearson VUE entry exam

6.     The only way to prepare for this selection properly is to do our course , which is two full days of intensive coaching at our Melbourne CBD office

7.     We have an extensive list of former clients, which we can provide you with who have all enjoyed fantastic success passing the QFES aptitude test – Pearson VUE

MFB opens recruitment at Midday on February the 8th 2019 – ACER Vocational Selection Test - VST


·       Two test dates (Feb 24th and April 9th), this year 7200 test “places”, so everyone will get a chance

·       ACER vocational selection test (VST) is the MFB selection exam

·       Our pass rate over the past decade for our clients at the ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) is 98 %

·       Typically, our clients improve their test score by at least 50%

·       Our real expertise is with the Maths & Verbal components of the ACER Vocational Selection Test

·       We will get you 80% plus in mechanical & diagrammatic no problems

·       Please look at our new testimonial page – we have gotten 100s of guys/girls into the MFB, FRNSW, Victorian CFA, QFES, DFES (WA)

·       The MFB ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) is a very demanding aptitude test – there is no easy way to prepare. The simple reality is that nobody has the expertise that we have.

·       Please contact us immediately places are limited

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Revelian test prep  , Revelian practice tests

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We are experts at getting candidates very high passes in the ACER Vocational Selection Test , or ACER VST or just VST which is being used to assess MFB applicants in March 2016

We are experts in face to face individual training for the VST , Vocational Selection Test. And have been preparing people for over one decade for this test.

Being a firefighter is a highly respected and rewarding career, which is also why it’s in high demand.

Typically, for a class of 20 trainees a fire service will receive over 300 applications. They will then use aptitude or psychometric tests to attempt to reduce that applicant pool down to a manageable number, which on average involves failing 85% of the applicants.


PATS are experts in preparing applicants for the selection and ability tests for ALL Australian firefighter services. We have been running these prep courses for over 10 years and our clients enjoy an outstanding success rate. In the most recent intakes to the Melbourne MFB and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, at least 20% of the trainees had attended our course.

We have particular expertise in the ACER VST , Vocational Selection Test which is used by the Melbourne MFB


·         Annual salary of a qualified firefighter $80K-$120K (including superannuation and allowances)

·         8 to 10 weeks annual leave per year

·         Shift roster with a rotating cycle of four days on / four days off. Normally two 10 hour day shifts followed by two 14 hour night shifts.


·      Tertiary qualifications

·      Trade qualifications

·      Military service

·      Lifesaving, community, volunteer, sporting, coaching experience

·      Work experience in team environments

·      Work experience in adverse conditions/ environments

·      Shift-work experience

·      More than 12 months’ experience as a volunteer firefighter

·      Firefighter junior development participation

·      Non-probationary manual drivers licence

·      Heavy Rigid licence

·      Senior First Aid Certificate.




·         Apply to ALL services with vacancies. This will give you great practice in sitting tests and attending interviews, which will increase your chances of success

·         Begin preparation for your firefighter aptitude or ability test well before your test date

·         Be prepared to apply outside your home state or area. You can always apply for a "lateral transfer" to another service after gaining experience



To be able to apply for firefighter positions, you are required to hold a certain Driver's Licence – the requirement varies by state.

*As long as you hold a full Driver's Licence, you can apply for the Victoria CFA. For example, if you obtain a full Driver's Licence at the age of 19 in WA or SA, you can apply for the Victoria CFA.