Qatar Wings is a newly develop cadet pilot programme that will allow learning with one of the world’s exciting airlines and develop skills from one of the leading airline training providers.



·         Be aged between 18 and 28 years of age

·         Hold a minimum of 5 GCSEs Grade C or above including maths, science and English language

·         Be able to demonstrate that you have successfully completed secondary or high school education (or equivalent)

·         Be fluent in English (verbally and written)

·         Be able to pass a security check to ensure your right to live and work

·         Minimum height 5’2” (152.48cm), maximum height 6’5” (195.58cm)

·         Be able to obtain an QCAA Class 1 medical without restrictions



1.       Apply through the application form. If application has been accepted, applicants are invited to attend an assessment day normally held at CTC’s Crew Selection Centres at Dibden on the south coast of the United Kingdom, or in Hamilton on the North Island in New Zealand.

2.       Applicants then take in carious exercises designed to assess interpersonal team skills through discussion and using an aptitude test (PILAPT). Applicants will also be tested on numerical ability.

3.       Applicants who pass phase 2 will be asked to stay for an afternoon interview. Questions will be specific on how you are viewed to fit into Qatar Airways.



The training consists of 4 different stages (Core, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced).

Some training will be done in Hamilton (New Zealand) but the majority will be done in Nursling (United Kingdom).


For detailed information go to Qatar Website.



The selection process for Qatar Wings is highly competitive with only the high performers being accepted into the programme. For this reason, we recommend you contact us as soon as you’re ready to apply.

PATS will work with you to ensure that you are prepared for the aptitude test as well as numerical test as required by the selection process. We will give you advice in preparing for the interview, group exercise stage and work with you on the basis that you will only have one attempt at the selection process and that a strong test score is critical for success.



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