The Pathways

As a high school student, you can become a pilot in four different ways,




We only recommend pursuing two options: an airline cadetship, or entry via the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Flying school and aviation degrees are expensive, offer less career certainty and typically set you up in lower paying positions.

To find out more you can download our article Airline Cadetships - Myths versus Reality



The key advantage of a pilot cadetship is the potential to become a major airline pilot in 18 months or less:

·         Become an airline First Officer just 18 months  after completion of training

·         Potential for promotion to airline Captain by the age of 25

·         Low upfront investment (the airline funds all or the majority of training costs).

How PATS will help prepare you

When applying for an airline pilot cadetship you will be required to go through intensive aptitude testing and interviews. Our training materials will you prepare you with a range of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions, as well as several sets of mock exams.



The key advantages of becoming a pilot through the ADF are fully subsidised training and strong career certainty.

There are the three main pathways to joining the ADF after high school:


·         Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

·         Direct Entry

·         ADF Trade/ Technician


How PATS will help prepare you

PATS are experts in preparing you for the Defence Force selection tests – we’ve been running the aptitude test prep courses for over 10 years now. Since 2007, the pass rate for our clients sitting the You Session test, ADFA Maths test and Pilot Specific test has been above 98%.

You can find out more about becoming a pilot through the ADF here.

You’re always very welcome to come in and see the training facilities for yourself. Just call us to arrange a time, or submit your details on the Contact Us page.



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