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With a significant expansion plan, Cathay Pacific is currently producing more than 200 pilots per year. You can apply for the Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Program (no experience required), or through the Direct Entry Pilots avenue (for experienced pilots).

Cathay Pacific Cadetship Programs are fully funded by Cathay Pacific Airlines.


·         At least 18 years of age

·         At least 160cm tall

·         Have an excellent command of English

·         Have completed secondary school.




It’s important to note that the test score comprises a significant component of the overall score and candidate ranking.


Selection to the Cathay Pacific program is highly competitive, with only the top performers earning a place. For this reason, we recommend you contact us as soon as you’re ready to apply.

Although our Cathay Pacific course has a primary focus on preparation for the aptitude tests, we also give advice on preparing for the interviews and group exercises. We’ll work with you on the basis that you will only have one attempt at the selection process and that a strong test score is critical for success.


1. Ab-Initio Cadet Program (preference given to Hong Kong Identity Card holders)

·         Fully funded by Cathay Pacific Airlines

·         Program length: 61 weeks

·         Program scale: 50 graduates per year

·         Training Location: Flight Training Adelaide - one of Australia's best flying schools

·         Outcome: a Hong Kong Commercial Pilot's Licence and a Hong Kong Airline Transport Pilot's Licence, after passing the relevant examinations and completing actual flying hours.


2. Advanced Entry Program (open to ALL nationalities)

·         Fully funded by Cathay Pacific Airlines

·         For applicants who possess an ICAO CPL and have in excess of 250 hours flight time

·         Program length: 32 weeks

·         Program scale: 6 intakes with a total of 180 graduates per year.


3. Transition Training Program (open to ALL nationalities)

·         Fully funded by Cathay Pacific Airlines

·         For applicants with an ICAO ATPL or CPL, with passes in all ATPL subjects and in excess of 1500 hours total flight time

·         Program Length: 14 weeks.


Visit the Cathay Pacific website for more detailed information on all of the training options.




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