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To date QF has rolled out their selection process almost exactly as we anticipated some months ago.

We have significant domain knowledge with regard to all aptitude tests currently used for Airline Pilot Selection around the world 

This includes significant expertise in the TalentQ aptitude test battery, and it is a normal expectation of our clients to score very well

Over the years well over 100 of our former clients have joined Qantas Airways as Second Officers. 

Call us today (0457 101 101/ and let us develop a plan for you to achieve extremely competitive scores in Qantas testing


It is nearly 8 years since Qantas (Mainline) hired a Second Officer, and has now announced plans to hire 170 new SOs

Former Cadet Pilots (CP) and Letter of Intent Holder (LOI) have been asked to submit new applications - this process closed on May the 16th. Supervised aptitude testing will take place in Sydney on June the 27th , 29th and July the 4th, 5th , 6th and 7th.

All CP/LOI have to undergo the full selection process - given that it is in most cases nearly a decade since the their initial selection process. The selection process comprises

1. Supervised aptitude testing 

2. "Scenario" based exercises - in other words Group exercises

3. Interview 

4. Simulator evaluation

It is very much a stock standard airline selection process 

It is important to note that Qantas has stated to the CP/LOIs

"no priority will be provided to pilots who were previously members of cadet program over pilots who were not members of cadet program" and that "all offers will be made on basis of merit"

In other words the selection process will be highly competitive and CP/LOI applicants will have to compete against each other , other pilots from the Qantas group, and pilots outside the Qantas Group

Qantas will however process CP/LOI first 

Minimum Criteria

The order that Qantas intends to roll out this new recruitment campaign for SOs is 


 To be considered for selection as a Qantas SO you will need to have

           250PIC(100 ICUS)/ 1500 hours turbine Co-Pilot or 250PIC/500 PIC Rotary

Our Training Course

Over the last 8 years we have been very busy in the Airline Pilot recruitment space. Over 

this period hundreds of our clients have successfully gained jobs at Major Airlines in Asia the Middle East (ME), and Oceania for both direct entry and cadetship positions

We are experts in training people to score in the top 2 % of aptitude tests, and can also thoroughly

prepare people for interviews, and group exercises etc. We are a truly unique company with unique skills and decade long track record of success and delivery. There is no other organization in the world which has the same expertise and provides a similar service. 

We have kept at the forefront of pilot selection over the past 8 years, and are very familiar with all testing regimes used by the leading edge airlines in both Asia and the Middle East. In short we know "best practice" in terms of Airline Pilot Selection, and consult to large international airlines to review their pilot selection systems & advise them of potential areas for improvement.

This advice has included designing new structured interview templates for Pilot recruitment & training both Airline HR and Flight crew on interview technique.

We have also done a significant amount of Pilot Recruitment to growth airlines within Asia. 

We are very confident that we know the type/kind of aptitude test that will be used for this upcoming round of selection testing for new Qantas SOs. And that further our clients will score in the top 2 or 3% of the candidate pool, thus placing them close to the top in the Order of Merit. 

The training course will be four full days of intensive one client / one instructor tuition at our Melbourne CBD office. The plan is to do two or three days asap, then the additional day or two a few days prior to your test.

If you are willing to work very hard, and are serious about getting into Qantas Mainline as a Pilot we would love to hear from you. So please email us at or call us on 0457 101 101

Places are quite limited and due to increased demand for our services , we will likely soon be fully booked for the next two months.