YOU Session


If you want to join the Navy, Army or Air Force in any position, the first step is to complete the Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) session. The vast majority of ADF applicants will only have to undertake the YOU Session test, however some specialist jobs such as Aircrew or technical trades will require further aptitude testing.

The test lasts around one hour and contains:

·         Verbal reasoning questions

·         Numerical reasoning questions

·         Abstract reasoning questions.


Here is how the YOU Session test fits in with the rest of the ADF selection process.

·         You are given a maximum of three attempts to pass the YOU Session test

·         You have to wait six months in-between each sitting – significant if you are trying to obtain a position straight out of high school

·         The required pass mark becomes higher for each subsequent attempt.

We recommend you begin preparing for the You Session tests and interviews in Year 11, as the full application process can take many months.


PATS are experts in preparing candidates for the YOU Session test. Typically, our client's test score will increase by 40% to 60% from when they commence with us, to when they complete our training. Since 2007, the pass rate for our clients sitting the You Session test has been above 98%. 


In general higher test scores are required for more specialist Officer positions (ADF Pilot and ADFA Cadet for instance) and lower pass scores are acceptable for General Entry positions like Technical Trades or Sailors.

Whatever test score you require our comprehensive range of computer based training materials, including 500 verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions and mock exams, will help you achieve it.

The verbal components of the PATS program have proven to be particularly beneficial to those applicants who have English as their second language.


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