ADF Selection Process


Candidates applying to become aircrew for all three branches of the ADF must achieve a pass in the Pilot Specific Test (also known as the RAAF Pilot Selection Test).

This test is commonly sat by candidates applying to become:

·         Pilots in the three services (Navy, Army, Air Force)

·         RAAF (Air Force) Air Combat Officers

·         RAN Observers (Naval Flight Officers)

·         Australian Army Loadmasters

·         Air Traffic Controllers

·         Fighter Controllers.

You will only be eligible to sit the Pilot Specific Test once you have achieved the required score in the You Session Test .


·         Academic results

·         Aviation motivation

·         Military motivation

·         Leadership roles

·         Team experience.



Here is how the Pilot Specific Test fits in with the rest of the ADF selection process.

·         You are given a maximum of three attempts to pass the Pilot Specific test

·         You have to wait twelve months in-between each sitting – significant if you are trying to obtain a position straight out of high school

·         The required pass mark becomes higher for each subsequent attempt.



·         Each year around 130 candidates are selected to be trainee pilots in the ADF (around a third go to ADFA)

·         Candidates achieving higher test pass will proceed to flight screening more quickly.


Around 90% of candidates fail their Pilot Specific Test and most likely do so because they haven’t undertaken any preparation beforehand. PATS are experts in preparing people for the Pilot Specific and YOU Session tests – since 2007 the pass rate for our clients has been above 98%. 

Our comprehensive range of computer based training materials including 500 verbal, numerical and diagrammatic sample questions and mock exams, will help you achieve the pass rate you require.




ADF pilot applicants must have completed Year 12 with passes in English, Mathematics (Tertiary Entrance Level) and two other academic subjects.

View the educational requirements in detail.

There are short course approved by Defence Force Recruiting for those who do not meet the year 12 English or Maths requirements. Please talk to a qualified careers counsellor who will assist you with the course options available.



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