ADF Pathways

There are the three career pathways you can follow to join the ADF after high school:

·         Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

·         Direct Entry

·         ADF Trade/ Technician

1. Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

·         Based in Canberra and part of the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

·         Combines a university degree from UNSW and ADF military training

·         $1 million investment is made in each student

·         Get paid between $37K and $52K per year before graduation

·         All tuition fees, text books, food and accommodation sponsored by the Defence Force

·         Provides you with career options both within and outside of, the ADF.

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2. Direct Entry

·         The fast track option to becoming an Officer

·         No military or work experience required

·         Very slim chance for people under the age of 19 to go through selection.

If you are already a second-year university student we recommend completing your course and applying for a Direct Entry position when you graduate.

3. Technical Trades

·         Obtain a specialised trade or technical qualification

·         Good pay from the start of training compared to many other apprenticeships

·         Training standard far exceeds most civilian opportunities

·         Get the ADF benefit package.




If you’re interested in a career in the ADF, it would be beneficial to study the following subjects:


·         English

·         Mathematics (high-level if pursuing an Engineering-based position)

·         Physics

·         Two from Economics, Politics, Legal Studies, Languages or History.


These are recommendations only. Talk to your school Careers Advisor for more guidance.


PATS are experts in preparing you for the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) selection tests –we have been running these prep courses for over 10 years now with fantastic results. Since 2007, the pass rate for our clients sitting the You Session Test, ADFA Maths Test and Pilot Specific Test has been above 98%.


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