ADFA Overview


ADFA (a partnership between the Department of Defence and UNSW Canberra) provides an opportunity to undertake the military and leadership training required to join the ADF, while also completing university study.

·         Based in Canberra and part of the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

·         Combines a university degree from UNSW and ADF military training

·         $1 million investment is made in each student

·         Get paid between $37K and $52K per year of study

·         All tuition fees, text books, food and accommodation sponsored by the Defence Force

·         Provides you with career options both within and outside of, the ADF.

ADFA has the highest completion rate of the Australian Group of Eight Universities, while the completion rate for engineering degrees is 73% compared to the national average of 52%.


The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) has around 1000 undergraduate students. The following Bachelor degrees are available from UNSW@ADFA:

·         Bachelor of Arts

·         Bachelor of Business

·         Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical or Civil or Electrical or Mechanical)

·         Bachelor of Science

·         Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical or Aviation)

·         Bachelor of Information Technology

Double/combined degrees are also available.

The job that you undertake after graduation is determined by the course you complete at ADFA. Find out which ADF Officer Job each ADFA degree can lead to.



There are two components to ADFA military training:

1.       Single Service Training (SST)

Designed and implemented by the Navy, Army and Air Force.


2.       Academy Military Education and Training (AMET)

Includes Leadership Studies, Drill and Ceremonial, First Aid & Health, Field Craft, Military Law, Physical Training and Weapons Training.


If you want to join the Australian Defence Force Academy, the first step is the Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) Session and a separate ADFA Maths Test. You can take these tests from Year 11.

If you’re applying for a pilot position, you’ll also need to sit the Pilot Specific Test (RAAF Pilot Selection Test).

PATS are experts in preparing candidates for the ADF and ADFA selection tests. We have been running our prep courses for over ten years now and since 2007 the pass rate for our clients sitting the You Session Test, ADFA Maths Test and Pilot Specific Test has been above 98%. 

ADFA OPEN DAY – typically held in August each year

The ADFA Open Day is an ideal opportunity to find out more about a career in the Defence Force and courses available at the university. ADFA is located in Northcott Drive, Canberra and admission to the open day is free.


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