AirServices Australia 2020 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) Exam

·       Test Deadline March 20th 2020

·       We can assist you either with face to face tuition or via our online distance training package.

·       We have been preparing people for Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter selection exam, aptitude test for many years now. Over last five years all have passed

·       The Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) exam , aptitude test , psychometric test is an SHL/CEB exam , aptitude test , psychometric test

·       We have been been preparing candidates for SHL/CEB exams , aptitude tests psychometric tests for 15 years , very significant expertise

·       The pass rate we have achieved for AirServices Australia ARFF exam, aptitude test has been 100% over the last five years

·       There is still time to thoroughly prepare for the Airservices Australia Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter aptitude test , selection exam , but you need to contact us today

·       We are available 7 days a week up until 8 PM

·       Guaranteed pass or 100% refund

QFES Applications Open on Monday September the 9th 2019


1.     Get thoroughly prepared for the QFES aptitude test / entry exam by attending our two day course in Melbourne

2.     During 2018 , all of our clients achieved a top 5% pass for the QFES entry exam , the Pearson VUE aptitude test

3.     QFES will again be using the Pearson VUE aptitude test for this round of selection , for the 2020 QFES entry exam

4.     Don’t take a chance with the QFES aptitude test , you will need a score in top 5% to be competitive

5.     PATS is the only organisation in Australian which has over 5 year’s experience of preparing people for the Pearson VUE aptitude test , Pearson VUE entry exam

6.     The only way to prepare for this selection properly is to do our course , which is two full days of intensive coaching at our Melbourne CBD office

7.     We have an extensive list of former clients, which we can provide you with who have all enjoyed fantastic success passing the QFES aptitude test – Pearson VUE




·       ACER vocational selection test (VST) is the MFB selection exam

·       Our pass rate over the past decade for our clients at the ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) is 98 %

·       Typically, our clients improve their test score by at least 50%

·       Our real expertise is with the Maths & Verbal components of the ACER Vocational Selection Test

·       We will get you 80% plus in mechanical & diagrammatic no problems

·       Please look at our new testimonial page – we have gotten 100s of guys/girls into the MFB, FRNSW, Victorian CFA, QFES, DFES (WA)

·       The MFB ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) is a very demanding aptitude test – there is no easy way to prepare. The simple reality is that nobody has the expertise that we have.

·       Please contact us immediately places are limited

Please see our new Testimonial Page 


Expert tuition for FRNSW Selection test , FRNSW exam, Revelian test prep  , Revelian practice tests

Guaranteed Pass at all Revelian online tests or a full refund, distance and online training program

  • Expert tuition for the Revelian Cognitive Abilities Assessment, Cognify, Work Safety Assessment, Work Reliability Scale, Emotional Intelligence - MSCEIT  

  • Expert tuition for the supervised cognitive abilities test , conducted online in supervised conditions at NSWFRS headquarters

  • For the 2017 NSWFRS our pass rate was 100 % with all our students scoring in the top 2%

  • Your choice of either a one client / one instructor course at our Melbourne CBD Office or the distance / online training package

  • Test window for phase II testing opens November the 23rd , we can still assist you but you need to contact us immediately

  • Call today 0457 101 101 or email



Qantas SO May 2018


  • ·        Qantas is about to send out aptitude tests to external applicants


  • ·        All PATS clients will pass the two aptitude tests they will have to sit


  • ·        Due to Qld Fire Service currently recruiting and other ongoing work commitments we have limited capacity so you need to be quick to reserve your place


  • ·        We also have extensive skills and experience preparing people for the panel interview, group exercise & CRM exercise
  •  PATS are renowned worldwide for the expertise in preparing people for the Qantas Pilot Entry Test which is otherwise known as the Talent Q aptitude test or Talent Q aptitude test
  • There is no organization anywhere in the world that can boost your score in the Talent Q aptitude test by the same magnitude as PATS can. That is why we have clients traveling out from the EU on a regular basis to attend our three day Talent Q aptitude test training course 


  • ·        Our courses are not cheap however a 30 year career with QF will mean career earnings at least several million dollars greater than other Australian Airlines. As well as vastly superior rosters, rest periods, staff travel & enumerable other benefits


  • ·        You have been smart enough to pass what are likely the most difficult ATPLs in the world so don’t let a little test stop you from achieving what you have worked so hard to achieve


  • ·        We only have one instructor who takes care of QF aptitude/interview prep , when we are fully booked we will not be able to assist anyone else join QF


  • We boost selection and aptitude test performance for candidates in:
  • QANTAS Pilot recruitment  2018


The test that will be used is the TalentQ - which we are experts in , all of our clients scoring in the top 2%

All eligible applicants will be invited to complete aptitude test , typically this has

to be completed in 3 to 4 days

All PATS clients from the 2016/17 campaign have been successful , either completed training

or awaiting a start date on the hold file

We will put you in the top 5% of the candidate pool in aptitude test, and thoroughly prepare

you for the interview , group exercise , role play , and verification aptitude test

A career at Qantas mainline will increase your net career earnings by millions compared to

other Australian Airlines - do not take shortcuts



  • Airline Pilot Cadetships

    Jetstar Pilot Cadetship, Cathay Pacific Cadetship, QantasLink, SIA, Rex Pilot Cadetship, COMPASS and Pilapt testing.

  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) & Australian Defence Force Academeny (ADFA)

    YOU Session and Pilot Specific Test (or RAAF Pilot Selection Test) , or these days the Pilot Specific Test is now called Additional Testing Day.

We are now running two day courses on any weekend you wish to prepare candidates for both

the YOU Session and also the Pilot Specific Test (Additional Testing Day). This new two day

program will suit very well people wishing to come to Melbourne from interstate for the

weekend - cost is $3495

  • Paramedic Services

    Ambulance Service of NSW selection test, Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) aptitude/selection test, Ambulance Victoria selection/aptitude test, St John Ambulance WA entry test.

  • Professional & White Collar Jobs

    SHL aptitude tests, Previsor selection tests, Onetest online tests, ACER ability tests, Testgrid psychometric tests, Talent Q aptitude tests.


Aptitude tests can be prepared and studied for just like any other university, school, or professional level exam – in fact the performance and success of our clients demonstrates that it’s possible to significantly increase your test score.

98% of our clients pass their aptitude tests


PATS have over ten years’ experience in selection test training. Our courses are industry leading – by a significant margin. And they’re designed to suit your specific needs. We can provide a prep course if you want to apply with one employer, or multiple employers and the course price remains the same.

Our courses cover ALL aspects of the selection process:

· Four full days intensive training

· One client - one instructor program

· Flexible course plan based on your own career needs

· Computer based training with leading edge programs

· Briefing on interview technique and group exercises

· Resume and CV review

· Extensive take home practice materials.


Most aptitude testing results are valid for a year which means multiple sittings aren't allowed - we know the selection techniques most commonly used and we prepare you for them.

“The PATS course was a significant factor in me achieving strong passes and succeeding with my aspiration to be selected for ADF pilot training.” Midshipman Lisa Blakiston, Royal Australian Navy Pilot.